" I think I told you that I was struggling with planters fasciitis, and I have been stretching daily and icing for a few weeks now with limited success. Yesterday, after doing Pilates, riding my horse in a high-cardio lesson and hiking with my donkey, it has all but disappeared. This morning I woke up and took a step with almost no pain. (After being dormant is always the worst time, never when I'm moving.) I think the Pilates really helped a lot! I am most pleasantly surprised. I might add in a few extra Pilates to keep this going.

I am so glad that I decided to do Pilates. It has helped me so much overall. Back pain is almost non-existent. "

- Mary A


"All I need to do is come to pilates once a week, and my pain is gone."

- Laura F

 "I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and well-being after my session with Kim at New Movement.  Over the past year or so that I have been working with Kim, her thorough knowledge of muscles, breath, and movement and her focus and dedication have helped me become more balanced and aware of how I use my body.  Each session is completely tailored to my needs of the day, and I have had some challenges, scoliosis and a concussion, to name a couple.  I know several people who are taking classes with other teachers at New Movement and have high praise for them as well.  Highly recommended. "

- Janet F

" What is a seventy-one year old doing in a solo Pilates class? Getting stronger and straighter and feeling a lot better about herself, that’s what!  After just a few months with master instructor Kim Taraschi at New Movement Pilates I’m finding that people are noticing a difference in me. Friends have asked, among other things, “Did you lose weight?” “ Did you get a haircut? “What have you been doing, because you look great!” I haven’t lost weight, I need a haircut and what I’ve been doing is Pilates--that is the only new thing in my life. And obviously, it’s working. As an added bonus: I have scoliosis and Kim also has it, so she knows exactly how to tailor the Pilates regime to help me cope with it. Did I mention that we have a lot of laughs too? I recommend New Movement highly. "